What is The Beautiful Truth?

The Beautiful Truth is a portrait & wedding photography studio based in Southern California. We specialize in documentary and lifestyle photography that is both beautiful and honest. We believe in trying to capture people as they are and memories as they actually happen. Our style can be described as photojournalistic, candid, nostalgic, intimate, genuine and thoughtful.

Meet the Lead Photographer:
Vincent Bantigue

I'm an easy-going guy who loves coffee, hates traffic and enjoys spending time with my lovely wife, Jess, and my two rambunctious kids. I am a good listener so please tell me your story- I am genuinely interested! I graduated with an Electrical Engineering degree but have always had a passion for the creative arts. I'm left-handed and have been told that's why I'm creative- who knows?

I started my journey as a photographer in 2004 when I took a film photography class at my university and fell in love with the entire process- from the moment I click the shutter, to satisfaction I get after delivering a beautifully finished image- I love every step of it.

I have been shooting professionally for over ten years and while I shoot mostly digital now, there's something about film that I keep coming back to. So, from time to time I will still shoot with film. After all, my goal is to produce the best images I can using all the tools, skill and time my creator has given me.  I strive to continually grow and get better with each day that passes and am genuinely excited to find out who I'm going to photograph next. Want beautiful, honest images that you will cherish for a lifetime? Send me a message by clicking below.